Robin & Zech – Captivating Wedding at Windmill Vineyards

Windmill Vineyards – Woodland, CA

I first met with Robin & Zechariah after they saw and fell in love with my work on Instagram. I believe it was the hashtag #SacramentoWeddingPhotographer that first drew them to me. We then met at Starbucks where we treated them to a drink and began to talk to them about their wedding day and how we could best serve them. It was all good vibes in that first meeting and we found we had a lot in common with them. They really loved the overall look and feel of our work and we’re excited for us to capture not just the love of their ceremony, but the fun and ruckus of their after-party as well.

Flashing forward to yesterday’s wedding, I can now say these two and their guests DEFINITELY know how to have a good time. So much so that Robin and Zech decided to keep the festivities going until it was time for the venue to close down for the night. The whole day seemed to fly by- from getting ready at the Fairfield Inn and Suites, to leaving with a streamer exit at the end of the night.

We loved every minute of their day and could not believe how gorgeous every intricate detail and the special moment felt. Take a look at her dress, hair, shoes, flowers, jewelry, stationery, and decor. You can really see how much attention Robin put into the little things.

Woodland Wedding Photographer

The venue the two decided on was the ever beautiful Windmill Vineyards located in Woodland, CA. This venue is stunning and comes with a large field for ceremonies and receptions, an actual bathroom (fancy! no outhouse for you booboo), and is surrounded by an orchard, fields of grapevines, and a pond below. The two rented a Porsche for the day and we were able to utilize it during their Romantics as well.

After getting ready at the hotel, Robin headed to the venue. Zech was already at the venue as he had gotten ready on-site. As the two prepared themselves to walk down the aisle, they were surrounded by friends and family. They each took the time (separately) for the butterflies in their stomachs and to pray with their respective bridal parties. Capturing those moments was really special as well.

Wedding Photography

As the ceremony was carried out, we as the spectators had the privilege to enjoy what Robin and Zech had chosen to include. From the father and mother of the bride giving Robin away, to a dedicated moment of communion for the couple, there wasn’t one moment without meaning. The rite ended with the couples’ kiss and their first steps together as husband and wife.

The ceremony was followed by Family and bridal party portraits. After this, we moved on to the Romantics.

Romantics: What we have shorthanded for the couples’ post-ceremony portraits. It is a dedicated portion of time for the couple to get away from the crowd and share a special quiet moment together. It is usually the only part of the day where they get to be alone (except for us and our cameras). I’ve been known to shoo friends and family away, promising to capture every moment for them to view later.

The Romantics, which were during the golden hour for this wedding, were likely my favorite. I loved how the golden light lit up the pond and outlined the couple with a majestic “halo” effect. Timing and light are crucial in photography and we always try to lock in a golden hour for the couple’s portraits. It is everything I love about wedding days, special in its own way for each couple. Some couples get silly and goofy, laughing out loud together, while others get quiet and interact softly and slowly, savoring their first moments as husband and wife. Oftentimes, it’s a special combination of both where the real “personality” of their love shines through. This is where we really get to capture and tell each unique love story.


Captivating Sacramento Wedding Venue

The reception was Poppin. Each guest had a special connection to the couple. The family was overjoyed. Friends were having a great time, and many of them came from the same church that Robin and Zech frequent. That didn’t stop them from knowing how to party.
I have never seen such a wild celebration of people at an event before that night. It was the dancing celebration everyone hopes for at their wedding.

The evening ended with a marvelous send-off complete with streamers and the bridal party yelling their congratulations to the happy couple. I am so glad to have been able to serve these two! Robin and Zech, I wish you all the happiness in the world together.

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