Devyn & Brian

Private Property Wedding in Loomis CA

In the time of COVID-19, couples really only have two options for their wedding: postpone or make it work no matter what. Devyn and Brian are the embodiment of making it work. Devyn and Brian have an interesting love story she’s a police officer and he’s a firefighter. Two heroes who lay their lives on the line every day found each other and fell in love. When you learn a little more about their story and spend a little time in their presence, it’s clear that these two were meant for each other. Growing up, the pair belonged to the same social circles but never met each other. One day, Devyn found Brian on a dating app. She said, “I saw a cute guy holding up a fish he caught and he looked like my types so I messaged him and told him to take me fishing.” It was simple, but that small moment led toa powerhouse of a love story and a truly beautiful wedding.

Wedding Venue in Loomis CA

The pair were married on a gorgeous private property near Loomis, CA. The property had a serene little creek running along the driveway, leading to an incredible fountain. Between the old fashioned bridge over the creek, the numerous weeping willows, and the beautiful brick building covered in sprawling ivy, we couldn’t help but feel like we had arrived in a fairy tale. We went inside to find Devyn in the middle of hair and makeup. She was calm and collected. She had an attitude that said, “I’m marrying my soulmate today and nothing is going to rain on my parade.”

While she and Brian got ready, we got to work shooting the details. We found a secluded little spot near the creek to hang Devyn’s gorgeous dress from the branch of a tree. It really just felt like there was magic in the air, a palpable feeling of love and excitement that settled over the whole property. After that, I went back to Devyn and her bridesmaids to get a few photos of them getting ready together, sharing a moment of excitement and anticipation. The men all took a shot together as they got into their suits, a toast to Bryan and his bride to be. Following the group photos, Devyn and Brian opted to read a love letter that each had written in advance, back to back, instead of a traditional “first look.” They held hands without ever turning to face each other. It was a beautiful moment that illustrated their patient and dedicated love for each other.

Capturing Wedding in Loomis CA

The ceremony was like something from a movie. The couple lit up when they saw each other as Devyn walked down the aisle toward Brian. Laughter, tears, beautiful vows, and touching sentiments were shared on both sides. It was touching to be in the presence of a love that was strong yet playful, emotionally-charged, and silly all at once. After the ceremony, we did family portraits. Then came golden hour romantics under a particularly pretty weeping willow. Devon and I just stepped back and fell silent for a few moments, perfectly content to let these two have a sweet respite together as husband and wife. The emotions on their faces said it all- this was a love that would last.

The party that followed was full of life and love. After dinner came speeches, hilarious dance circles, and superfun group activities. It was a total blast to get to capture all of it, but even more than that, it was a pleasure to get to capture a love so electrifying as the one Devyn and Brian display. The two were nearly inseparable on the dance floor, having the time of their lives just being with each other. This wedding was the kind of special, magical, gorgeous evening every photographer dreams of capturing.

Planning by Love, Coco Events by Stacey Mathison

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