Bianca & Javier’s Point Reyes National Seashore Engagement Session

These two (and I) drove the two hour trip out to the Point Reyes National Seashore, CA and boy saying,

“It’s worth it!”

is no joke. This area has everything! Hills, mountains, woods, a view of the valley and… a walk to the beach!

With a location like this, and a good amount of time there was no reason to be choosy with one vibe which is so often the case for choosing a shoot location. 10/10 would recommend again.

I have structured this Blog as a bit of a guide for other’s (and myself) to enjoy specific spots in the area. I’ve never had a great memory, so I would like to keep a semi-detailed account of each beautiful location I come across.

Northern California Photographer – Point Reyes, CA

As a point of reference, I am a Sacramento photographer and I serve the Northern California area, and beyond when asked.

Let’s start in the outskirt of the town of Point Reyes, in this pretty field and hiking spot.

Point Reyes, CA

Bianca chose a dress from Plush Boutique in Brentwood, and her engagement ring is from Just Bands in San Fransisco.

The next stop for us was on the way to the

National Seashore,

we made sure to make a quick stop on the way to the beach on the beautiful

wood lined drive.

There just so happened to be a lovely amount light pouring through the trees that I spotted while scouting.

This next spot is right by the parking lot and looks out over the river that joins the sea along with

hills and mountains,

truly cinematic to the point of giving me Pride and Prejudice (2005) vibes.

I’m a sucker for a good Jane Austin anything… Books, movies, you name it I love it. And the following shots took me back.

There is another hiking spot that branches away from the beach shown below. It received gorgeous light and we had an impromptu dance lesson.

Finally, we got to the beach. The sunset was stunning and so was this lovely couple. Bianca’s eye lit up as she took in the view.

We had a 50/50 chance of ending up at one of the bluff-side spots as it was our first time there and there is a lot variation in the area and in the landscape. Both would have been beautiful, but truly getting to be by the water was such a beautiful end to the day. And I think… Bianca was secretly hoping to end up at the beach, toes in the sand and walking hand in hand with her soon to be hubby.

The beach, waves and sunset was everything we could have asked for and then some.

These two originally won a contest I threw and now here we are leading up to their big day a few months out, so exciting! My hubby and I (we shoot nearly every wedding together) are so excited to shoot their September wedding.

They met eight years ago, dated for four years and have been engaged since Christmas Day. Bianca said it was a total surprise which means Javier likely practiced his poker face in advance. I am truly so happy for these two.

Thank you Bianca and Javier for being game to try a new location with me, driving to-and-fro and even taking a dip in the cold ocean water.

You two deserve the world and I’m so glad you have each other. Looking forward to your September wedding!


Thank you for reading!